Botra News December 2017

by Webmaster on December 11, 2017


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At the BOTRA Committee meeting held Wednesday 8th November 2017, there was a changing of the guard. The election of office bearers in accordance with the Constitution, was conducted with the following results—
There were 2 nominations for President-Warren Robinson and Ross Olivieri. Ross Olivieri declined the nomination and Warren Robinson was elected President of BOTRA.
The only Nomination for Senior Vice President was Kevin Charles who was elected unopposed.
The only nomination for the second Vice President was Craig Abercromby who held the position from the previous year and was re-elected.
Delegates the Spider Fund are Warren Robinson and Glenn Elliott with Ross Olivieri as the alternate.
Delegates for the Hardship Funs are Warren Robinson and Glenn Elliott.
BOTRA organised a meeting on 25th October 2017 with Ms Barbara Scott, Chief Steward RWWA and Mr Denis Borovica, General Manager Integrity RWWA, to discuss the Ease out Rule and other matters. Chris Lewis and Chris Voak attended this meeting. There was lengthy discussion on the wording of the “Guidelines for Assessing LR164 Incidents” and several opinions were expressed. Ultimately, the discretion of the Stewards in assessing incidents involving the ease out rule will apply. BOTRA was concerned that the current wording in the guidelines left the driver with little defence when a penalty was applied by the Stewards. Ms Scott said the Stewards would be addressing a new set of guidelines which will be presented to BOTRA for further assessment. Other matters on the agenda were-
1. The current speed of the Mobile Barrier.
Ms Scott felt that the speed of the mobile barrier was appropriate and that the problem lay in the delay of the two lines in turning into the Mobile barrier before release point. A trial period will be held whereby horses in mobile start races will follow the procedure of standing starts and circle in the opposite direction behind the mobile barrier before moving into position for release.
2. Whip Rule
It was reported that there is still a long way to go before a definite decision is made. It is highly likely that a modified implement with a 45 degree wrist action only will be implemented.
3. Bridging of Reins
The suggestion of bridging the reins (both reins in one hand) by BOTRA to eliminate the current number penalties to drivers for loose reigning, was not likely to be introduced because of the proposed changes to whip rules.
Other matters recently discussed were the Penalty Guidelines sent to BOTRA for their
feedback. The Committee has indicated full support for the document as presented and this
information will now be released to the industry in the near future.
BOTRA has requested a review by RWWA Stewards of the current necessity of completing
25 drives before an A Class license is granted. BOTRA believes Stewards Discretion in each
case should be applied. This matter has yet to be addressed.
BOTRA has a good rapport with RWWA Stewards and sincerely appreciates the time given
by them to attend Committee meetings to offer and listen to advice for the betterment of
the racing product in this State.
A letter sent to RWWA and GPHR for Consideration for future Fremantle Cups to return to
2900 metre Standing Starts with no handicap Conditions applied is yet to be addressed by
both parties.
Recent monthly winners of the Petstock Bio John/BOTRA Award were- Don Harper, Adam
Mellsop, Mitch Miller, Deni Roberts, Rob Abercromby and Phil Duggan. Congratulations to
all recipients for their achievements in our great sport and a big thank you to Petstock Bio
John for their continued support.
While on the subject of Sponsors, BOTRA sincerely thank Garrards Horse and Hound for
their continued support, principally with the BOTRA Cup and for their outstanding support
for the three racing codes throughout Australia. Special thanks to Downunder Sulkies for
their contribution to the popular Ultimate Razor Sulky Raffle and finally, thank you to all
who have supported BOTRA in some way either by your contribution or by your belief in the
Committee that works hard for the betterment of our great industry.
The “Long Shot” promotion recently introduced by BOTRA is proving very popular. This
promotion is for a trainer who is a current financial member of BOTRA and trains the longest
price winner at any race meeting in Western Australia, receives a $100 bonus. Recent
winners were Dave Simmonds, Glenn Elliott, Ross Olivieri (twice) and Wayne Justins.
Incidently, Wayne Justins who won the last Long Shot prize, looks like pulling off the next
month’s prize with his recent long shot winner “Simondou Su” ($72.80 )
With The Inter Dominions fast approaching and terrific racing anticipated, we wish all
contenders for the Inters and the support races all the best of luck and safe racing.
On a finishing note, please attend to your Invoice for Membership payment for 2017/2018.
Your membership is an important part of BOTRA and represents the strength of this Industry
body when addressing important industry matters on your behalf for the betterment of
your industry.
Rob Deadman